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Jul 26
By Emma Brownell

Each of the three summer interns (Stephannie, Ian, and Pedro) featured in The Intern Project series has a unique and inspiring story.

These kids are demonstrating the best kind of grit – finding resources that will propel them forward academically and professionally.

In this installment of The Intern... Read More

Jul 26
By LA Promise Fund

This summer, 52 lucky and very dedicated LA County high school students are embarking on journeys they might never have taken without The Intern Project.

What is The Intern Project? It’s a program run by the LA Promise Fund, designed to give young, curious, dedicated high school students across LA County the chance to explore a profession at a leading firm. From SpaceX to Participant... Read More

Nov 4
By Jane Margolis

For too long students have been labeled and encouraged to think of themselves as either a math-science or arts student. This needs to change.  As technology has changed every aspect of our lives, these worlds have converged.  

Take fashion as just one example.  During this year’s NY Fashion Week, runway models wearing high tech dresses with light-emitting diodes (LEDs)... Read More

Jul 27
By Ryan Scott, CEO of Causecast

As seen in Forbes...

Summer is the high season for interns, so corporate environments everywhere often look a little younger. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), estimates of the total number of interns range from one to two million – but this is only a guess, since so many businesses don’t document unpaid interns.

The explosion of... Read More

Apr 15
By Tia Shimada

Rushing out the door this morning for an early meeting, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Fast forward a few hours and I’m staring at a blank computer screen trying to write this blog post on an empty (and distracting) stomach. Fortunately, I can step away from my desk and choose from a number of late-morning breakfast options near my office. The system is working in my favor. ... Read More

Feb 9
By Donna LaCour, Teacher

My name is Donna LaCour, and I have been teaching young children for over 20 years. I have come to learn and believe that with my students, hands-on learning experiences are essential to making personal connections and deepening their understanding of the curriculum. 

Each year we do a unit study on farms, domestic animals and food. Many of my students have never seen actual farm... Read More

Jan 7
By Susan Engel

Here are some words people commonly use these days when they talk about education: “standards," “results," “graduation rates," “skills," “self-control," “accountability," and “tenure”. Here’s a word you rarely hear: “pleasure”. As in, “This is a school where kids get a lot of pleasure from books” or, “When I walk down the hall, I see students who seem really pleased to be there." Now,... Read More

Dec 2
By Leslie Aaronson

I am fortunate that I get to teach my students for three years straight from 10th through 12th grade as their career teacher in the Technology Academy at Foshay Learning Center, a low-income K-12 span school in South Los 

... Read More

Nov 3
By Shepard Fairey

I was honored and proud to be a part of the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education's #ArtsMatter public art project last July to inspire creative thinking and learning.  Considering my belief that the arts are a crucial part of education, it was an easy decision for me to be part of this. When they presented the facts- at the time only 2% of elementary school instructional time in LAUSD... Read More

Oct 17
By Megan Chernin, Education Activist and CEO and Board Chair of the LA Fund for Public Education

I want to thank Superintendent John Deasy for having the vision to create the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education so that LAUSD might benefit, like other large urban districts, from innovative partnerships, and ensure that every student has the chance to succeed in life. The Board of the LA Fund and our team have been energized by Superintendent Deasy's passion and commitment to the children... Read More


"The LA Fund's #ArtsMatter program brings a bright focus to the fact that arts education is crucial for the success of our vibrant creative economy.  
If there is no arts education, there can be no companies like DreamWorks Animation."

Jeffrey Katzenberg CEO of DreamWorks Animation

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