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"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create." –President Barack Obama

Research shows that arts-based education is correlated with increased academic performance, improvement of attendance, community engagement and lower dropout rates. Through #ArtsMatter, the LA Fund works to create innovative programs designed to integrate arts education into all subject areas. Through pilot partnerships with CalArts, J. Paul Getty Center, The Music Center, Mattel and Urban Arts Partnership, the LA Fund and LAUSD have identified and will continue to identify best practices in arts integration that will enrich the classroom experience and ultimately provide students with creative thinking skills that will last a lifetime.

  • Shepard Fairey's Original Artwork for the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • Proceeds from the Bonham's #ArtsMatter Guitar Auction were used to fund this elementary music program.
  • #ArtsMatter for these Future Movie Poster Designers with Mattel Volunteers.
  • Tom Cruise Dreams Big for The LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • George Lucas Dreams Big for The LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • John Legend Dreams Big for The LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • Kathy Kennedy Dreams Big for The LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • Barbara Kruger's Original Artwork for the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • John Baldessari's Original Artwork for the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • Shepard Fairey's Original Artwork for the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign.
  • Mayor Villaraigosa Dreams Big with Tom Cruise.
  • The Learn To Dream Bus in front of Los Angeles' City Hall.
  • These future actresses introduce the premiere of their film on Ancient Egypt.
  • Creating costumes for their film "Earth Defenders," a film on pollution and water conservation.
  • Learning how to shoot film footage.
  • Viewing their final film creation. Success!
  • Students make a film on archeologists from Ancient Egypt.
  • Students engage in arts integrated-learning.
  • Students make a film on tenement housing and the immigrants of Ellis Island.
  • Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. Creating robots with Mattel.
  • Arts Education This Way.
  • Vanity Fair honors the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter at an Oscar Party for "Les Misérables."
  • It's a sign! #ArtsMatter to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Shepard Fairey/@ObeyGiant for #ArtsMatter -- Original Art

The #ArtsMatter Campaign and its Impact

#ArtsMatter is the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education’s groundbreaking campaign to inspire creative thinking and learning.  The LA Fund created the #ArtsMatter campaign in October 2012 to address the need for increased arts and creativity in LAUSD. (At the time, only 2% of elementary school instructional time in LAUSD was being devoted to the arts.) This outdoor city-wide campaign featured the inspiring work of some of our nation's most revered modern artists, including Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari and Shepard Fairey (see About the Artists).

Arts Integration at Work

The funds raised from the campaign directly supported the creation of the new LAUSD 5-year arts plan, “Arts at the Core” which aligned with the Common Core curriculum.  In addition, several multi-year "Arts Integration" pilots were created in LAUSD schools in partnership with LA's major cultural institutions.  These pilot programs help provide new teaching tools and insights as well as professional development for arts integration in LAUSD. Central to this work is the LA Fund’s focus on building the capacity of the classroom teacher to integrate the arts into their classroom.

Education integrated with the arts is credited with boosting the kinds of creative thinking and working skills needed today and in the future. In addition, arts-based education is correlated with both increased academic performance and reduced juvenile crime rates. 

Our Reach

  • Approximately 4,000 students received arts-integrated instruction from the partners over three years of implementation.
  • 75 teachers received more than 1000 hours of professional development and arts integration trainings during the last two years.
  • Partners have worked continuously with 10 LAUSD schools

About the Artists

The LA Fund led a citywide campaign to drive public awareness for the critical role of arts education in LAUSD, leveraging social media and partnerships with industry leaders and leading artists to support arts integration programming in LAUSD. This initiative marks the widest reaching public art project in Los Angeles’ history and would not have been possible without the generous donations of talent by the following artists:

Barbara Kruger's Original Art for LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign

For over three decades, Barbara Kruger’s work has encompassed a broad spectrum of contexts and scales, ranging from publication inserts to immersive installations that involve text, images, and video; she is one of the most renowned contemporary artists working today. Kruger’s work has appeared in museums and galleries worldwide and she has also received numerous public art commissions that have brought her work to diverse audiences on billboards, bus cards, posters, and video displays. 

John Baldessari's Original Art for the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign

Since 1957, John Baldessari’s work has been featured in more than 950 solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe. For more than five decades, Baldessari has created thousands of works that demonstrate—and, in many cases, combine—the narrative potential of images and the associative power of language within the boundaries of the work of art. He has continually explored these themes in painting, photography, film, video, site-specific installations, artist’s books, sculpture, drawings, prints, and multiples. 

Shepard Fairey created the Andre the Giant has a Posse sticker that transformed into the OBEY GIANT art campaign with imagery that has changed the way people see art and the urban landscape. Since the beginning of his career in 1989, Fairey has exhibited in galleries and museums around the around the world, indoor and outdoor. His work has evolved into an acclaimed body of art, which includes the 2008 “Hope” portrait of Barack Obama, which can be found in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait gallery. 

Shepard Fairey's Original Art for the LA Fund's #ArtsMatter Campaign



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